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Keia: a one-stop shop for those seekers of wellness, and those offering services that contribute to our happiness and wellbeing. The Keia blog houses a melting pot of information, like-minded folk and ideas to help guide any wellness journey.

The blog reflects that which inspired us to create Keia in the first place – a belief that wellness is too important to be left to chance; useful knowledge too precious not to be shared as widely as possible.

If your passion or vocation is something to do with wellness, then we'd love to hear from you. If you've got a story to tell, have a desire to put virtual pen to paper or have even have the urge to bust some myths and right some wrongs, Keia's blog is the place to be.

We want to hear from aromatherapists, make-up artists, counsellors or yoga gurus. The list is long and not exhaustive - and growing all the time.

As a rule of thumb, you'll either be qualified and/or an expert in one of our wellness areas or you could even be a regular client.

Cut to the chase. If it's something that our readers will learn from, then it's more likely to get published. We're looking for content that encourages action; make a change, take a step, be inspired by what's been read. We do love a bit of a debate here in the Keia corridors, and actively encourage it on the blog, but draw the line at name-calling and negativity.

If you're offering advice and you're regulated, it's a good idea to quote your sources. Otherwise stick to personal experience. Be trustworthy - imagine you're talking to a client in real life.

Be visual too. This not only adds a bit of interest to the read, but also a human element. If you're struggling to source pictures, we can help. (please credit if you're using someone else's)

No idea where to begin? Here are a few pointers:

  1. xx things I've learned. Lists are good too, top 10, top 5...
  2. Before and after. A success story you'd love to share
  3. The lowdown. Working with an up and coming treatment? Highlight the pros and cons
  4. Behind the scenes. What's it really like?
  5. Be honest and maybe a bit vulnerable...
  6. Truth be told. Myths versus reality
  7. Tutorials or videos - we can't host them, but we can link to them
  8. Post something you've had published somewhere else that you're proud of

And finally

[email protected]!

We may edit your post for general flow, grammar and spelling. Don't take it personally; we can't help it.


If you're due to be published, we'll drop you a note within 30 days of your submission and you'll also see it shared widely on our social channels.

Better still, if you have a Practitioner Profile it will be featured at the end of the post. Although the blog isn't the place for direct selling, it's nice to know your business will have that bit of extra exposure.

Send your musings to [email protected]