Attracting clients to your profile (a.k.a booking page)

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Whilst nothing in life is guaranteed,

there are certain things you can do to significantly increase the flow of clients to your Keia profile.

One takes a few clicks and even fewer seconds. The other is a little more involved but surely worth the payoff…

Best of all, neither costs you anything (beyond your existing subscription to Keia)!

1. Share a personalised web link (“URL”)

When you sign up, this URL is your business name.

For example if your business is called Therapies For All, then the link would be

You can share this to your heart’s content – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even on your own website.

It takes people straight to your business profile, from where it’s just a few more clicks for them to book your services.

They could be booking appointments anytime, anywhere they have an internet connection – in the meantime you could be happily having dinner, watching TV or tucked up in bed.

(and that’s why they say it’s like having a receptionist who works 24/7 and never takes a day off)

Top tip:

Change this URL to something even more personalised by going here.

Another top tip:

If you have colleagues set up on your profile, they each get an individual URL that also goes to a booking page. You now have multiple booking platforms to promote across all your social media and contacts!

2. Make sure you score high on the magic 6 ranking factors

Whereas the likes of Google take into account thousands of factors in deciding search results, it’s a much simpler affair for Keia.

Besides where you are and how much you charge for your services, the factors that the Keia search engine bases its results on are:

  1. Whether or not you are Verified
  2. How many bookings you’ve had (this includes appointments you’ve put through yourself)
  3. How much availability your profile shows
  4. How many cancellations you’ve made
  5. User ratings
  6. How long you’ve been with Keia

#1 and #2 carry the most weight.

#3 to #6 carry approximately the same weight.

Ok, I’ve got them to my profile…  what next?

When a potential new client reaches your profile, two factors will be instrumental in whether they decide to book with you or not – your prices, and the quality of your profile.

To ensure you’re competitively priced, look at what your nearby peers are charging.

We’ll be back soon to go into more detail on profile quality (company bio, employee bios, service descriptions, images and how to get Verified status).

In the meantime get sharing with your URL, and work your way through the six ranking factors – trust us, it’s easy as pie…

Keia Customer Success Team

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