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Latest client posts

10 top grooming tips all men should know

by Keia Editoriala 4 minute read

Category: Male Grooming | Group: HAIR & BEAUTY

A quick cheat sheet for any stylish man who wants to get it right, without spending a fortune or wasting hours of time.

Massage in pregnancy

by Llewelyn Thomas-Wooda 3 minute read

Category: Massage | Group: BODY

Your baby can sense your mood and how you feel – after all they are a part of you – so it’s a treat for you as well as your unborn little one.

Where is the love?

by Dr Wooda 2 minute read

Categories: Coaching & Mentoring, Wellbeing | Group: MIND

love is a choice we must consciously take, says life coach Dave Wood
Love is a choice we must consciously take.

Surprising ways Ayurveda Massage can help with Fibromyalgia

by Janet Mantlea 3 minute read

Categories: Complementary Medicines, Massage, Reiki & Healing | Group: THERAPIES

The more you let Ayurveda and Yoga become the basis for your living, the easier living gets.

Pro Spotlight – Cara Maitland, Cosmetic Tattooist

by Keia Editoriala 4 minute read

Categories: Beauty, Makeup Artists | Group: HAIR & BEAUTY

One lady who was recovering from cancer, had lost all the hair on her face and head.  When her eyeline and brow were finished, she cried – many do – and said she felt like a person again. She now comes back every 6 months.”

Latest partner posts

5 tips to running a successful massage therapy business

by Keia Proa 4 minute read

Category: Pro Resources

Practical tips to help you stand out from your competitors and grow your massage business.

Why we all need mental health first responders in the workplace

by Lorna Feeneya 2 minute read

Category: Pro News

The debilitating nature of mental health disorders is that they’re invisible silent attackers and their symptoms therefore can go largely unnoticed.

Attracting clients to your profile a.k.a. booking page

by Keia Proa 2 minute read

Category: Using Keia

Cost free and effective ways of attracting visitors to your profile.

Popular client posts

To reflexology, to the future

by Jackie Stotta 2 minute read

Categories: Reflexology | Group: THERAPIES

“Many of my female clients, suffer from painful periods and mood imbalances during menstrual cycles.  Reflexology has relieved these symptoms significantly.”

10 happiness habits you’ll wish you’d started sooner

by Keia Editoriala 4 minute read

Category: Wellbeing | Group: MIND

True happiness is created through habits. The happiest people have honed these habits day in, day out – you can too.

Kearney’s Vegan Kitchen

by kearneysvegankitchena 1 minute read

Categories: Diet & Nutrition | Group: BODY

Vietnamese noodle salad. Yes please.

The science of skincare

by Keia Editoriala 4 minute read

Categories: Beauty | Group: HAIR & BEAUTY

If you’re going to combine products, try one first and allow your skin to adjust to it before introducing another.

Popular partner posts

Want more views, more enquiries and more bookings? It’s free to get Verified in 3 easy steps

by Keia Proa 6 minute read

Category: Using Keia

Verified profiles get more views, more enquiries and more bookings.

What is the Workplace Wellness Corner?

by Keia Editoriala 1 minute read

Groups: Mind, Body, Therapies

Where second best is simply not good enough.

The GDPR, Keia and you

by Keia Proa 6 minute read

Category: Using Keia, Pro News

GDPR compliance is at the heart of how Keia collects and manages data for our wellness professionals
Keia takes care of the nitty gritty around running a wellness business so that you can focus on treating / consulting / massaging / counselling / training / coaching, and this is no different. 

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