I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one

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Hi, and welcome to #5 in a series looking at the most common business needs for which wellness professionals join Keia. Each post contains clear examples of how to quickly establish a working solution.

  1. I want to go part time without leaving my job / studies
  2. I’m about to start a business / go private, and want all the help I can get
  3. I already run a business, and use a paper diary
  4. I have a website / social media profile, but it doesn’t take bookings
  5. I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one
  6. I’m happy with my setup and just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments
  7. I’m happy with my setup and just want new clients

What is your setup?

Whether you’re an acupuncturist or a yogi, whether you look at a client’s Mind or their Body, life as a wellness professional unavoidably involves a number of business challenges/tasks.

Often routine and mundane, most require your attention on a regular basis, all must conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirements, for example GDPR, advertising standards, VAT regulations etc etc.

  • Marketing
    • Finding clients
    • Retaining clients
    • Getting existing clients to spend more with you
  • Payments
    • Managing different types of payments – cash / debit and credit cards / vouchers / credit
    • Managing deposits / partial payments / refunds /
    • Chasing unpaid bills
  • Admin
    • Managing bookings – new, reschedules, cancellations
    • Invoices, receipts and transaction reports
    • Client records – contact details, notes, treatment history, unpaid bills (or credit owed e.g. if you had to cancel a session)

Your ‘setup’ is the ensemble of services and techniques used to stay on top of it all.

A ‘system’ is where all the individual parts are designed and purpose built to work together towards a single objective – the effective management of your wellness business.

Why one is better than many

Many professionals’ setup consists of numerous products and services, including:

  1. a website and/or social media profile, to present their brand
  2. a paper diary or their smartphone’s diary
  3. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, online directories, other digital channels to find new clients.
  4. printed leaflets, networking meetings, other offline activity to find new clients
  5. a merchant account to take card payments e.g. Paypal
  6. something to produce invoices, often a word processing program
  7. a spreadsheet for tracking sales and completing tax returns
  8. a way of recording client details, notes and appointment history

The more individual processes you have, the more time needed to manage them, and to switch between them (mentally and physically).

Not to mention dealing with each service provider, and quite often a separate monthly fee.

Precious time and financial cost, that could be spent with your clients, with your family & friends, or on invaluable self-care.

What if that One then lets you down?

A growing number of practitioners have already switched up to software driven booking systems.

This is an astute move, freeing them up to focus on the things they are passionate about.

However, as with anything as multi-faceted as this, it’s frustratingly easy to sign up to something without being aware of all the nuances.

By the time you realise it’s not quite for you, or it’s missing something important, or that it costs far too much for what it actually does… it’s too late.

Of course it’s not actually too late. You can change systems whenever you want, if you want – it’s your business.

You’re not alone in putting it off

Whether it’s a collection of manual processes, or a system they instinctively feel isn’t doing all it can, many dissatisfied professionals decide to soldier on as they are.

This is often because they think changing to a new setup will take a lot more time than they have.

Or they’re under contract and think there’s no way out.

If you are of either persuasion, you may yet be pleasantly surprised…

It’s also possible you have already come to the conclusion that things need to change, but because it seems a chore of epic proportions, it’s already been kicked into the long grass several times, for dealing with ‘later’.

Just a few clicks away

Keia is an online fully integrated system you can run from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It can work within any setup, including paper diaries and other online systems (please see #4, #6 and #7 in this series), or it can deliver all your business requirements in one easy to use package.

This includes new clients at no additional cost to your subscription, which ranges from 32p per appointment (Solo) to 15p per appointment (Enterprise).

All this could be added to your professional repertoire within a few clicks.

Everything you need to start, grow or manage a wellness business, including new clients

Should you change?

Do you want more time in your day?

Do you want your costs to be lower?

Do you want more clients?

Do you want to get more from your existing clients?

If yes to any of the above, then it’s about time to examine your current setup vs what Keia could do for your business.

Could you change?

Like changing your bank account, this is something that many are cautious about taking on, even where the benefits of moving are undeniable.

Three common concerns:

  • You’re under contract to your existing service provider e.g. booking software or merchant account
  • You have a large client base and are worried about moving them – both the impact on them, and the potential loss of data (customer details)
  • The time it takes to learn a new system

Find out how today

Even if you have more than a year left on an existing contract, and tens of thousands of clients, there are tried and tested solutions for each concern.

Please contact [email protected] to request a free personal consultation, mentioning this blog post.

Finding your way around couldn’t be easier. Our user experience (UX) is often praised as intuitive and user friendly, and this undoubtedly contributes to our high retention rate (percentage of signups still with Keia 12 months after signup).

And because your success is also our success, your Account Manager in the CS team will personally oversee your onboarding to ensure every aspect runs smoothly.

Try for free, alongside your current setup

Your setup is your business, and we appreciate it can be a big deal to make changes.

Similarly, you need total flexibility should your requirements change.

This is why we offer 14 days free trial as standard, during which even merchant fees for card transactions are waived.

Should you decide, even long after the trial has ended, that actually, this isn’t for you, then cancel at any time with no exit fee or penalty.

The vast majority of our partners are still with us 12 months after joining – just one reason why we can offer commitment free membership.

Your 4 step roadmap to a new way of working

  1. Set your Keia profile up
  2. Put a couple of bookings through, with you as the client, and experience for yourself what they will (for extra peace of mind, set up a service that costs £1)
  3. Run Keia alongside your current setup, putting as few or many appointments through, until you’re completely comfortable with using it (all this time, your profile could also be visible on Keia MarketPlace)
  4. Make the full transition when you’re ready. This could also be managed over a period of weeks or months – your Account Manager will work with you to establish a transition plan you are comfortable with (although remember every appointment using KeiaPay will probably save you money on merchant fees).

£20 says we can improve your setup

Having helped professionals across 27+ wellness areas, we are so confident your business would benefit that if we are unable to make a recommendation that would

  • save you time
  • or save you money
  • or help you acquire new clients
  • or all of the above!

we’ll credit your Keia account with £20!*

*This can be spent on any wellness service on Keia, or is paid in cash to your bank account with your first service payment.

Just click on the blue button below, answer each section, then click SUBMIT (please ignore the ‘request edit access’ button in the top right corner),

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