If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many bookings will a good image lead to?

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  1. When are images required?
  2. How to add an image
  3. What to add (suggestions)

1. When are images required?

Images are only required for your business profile if you want to be listed on MarketPlace

(a free MarketPlace listing is included with every Keia business plan).

If you do not require new clients and are only using Keia to manage your existing clients or take lower cost card payments, adding images is not mandatory but highly recommended, as they make the user experience much more engaging for your customers.

2. How to add an image

If you’re on the Welcome Tour, please go straight to step 5.

Step 6 (continued) – Assigning an image

Types of file accepted

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

File size

  • Maximum 10MB

Image size (dimensions)

  • Ideally square e.g. 1×1, 300×300, 800×800 etc
  • If the image is any shape other than a square, then parts may appear cropped after uploading

3. What to add (suggestions)

The following four types of images are especially powerful in building your brand presence.

Please obtain the agreement of any employees and customers before featuring them.

  1. Happy colleagues
  2. Happy customers
  3. Your facilities
  4. Qualifications / awards / media featuring
    • you/your team
    • your business
    • your wellness area e.g. reiki

3.1 Happy colleagues

  • Portrait style
  • Providing a service to clients

3.2 Happy customers

  • Receiving treatment / in session
  • ‘Before / After’

3.3 Your facilities

3.4 Qualifications / awards / media

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