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Signing up for your free trial couldn’t be simpler, consisting of a registration page and a two step QuickStart Wizard – which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Although the screengrabs below are taken from a laptop, every page on Keia is built using ‘responsive design’, which means it adapts itself to the device you are using – laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Your contact details and password
  • Accept the Terms, then choose whether you wish to be contacted by email, phone or SMS

QuickStart Wizard, step 1 of 2

  • Business name and address (type in the postcode then select your address then hit “USE ADDRESS”)
  • The number of staff you have, including yourself. Other than yourself, only count someone if they offer services to clients i.e. not admin or backroom staff
  • If you have a promotional code, now’s the time to use it!

QuickStart Wizard, step 2 of 2

  • Choose which wellness areas you intend to offer services in.
    • As with all profile settings made during the QuickStart Wizard, you can amend this from your membership panel at any time
  • Choose the type(s) of appointment you wish to offer:
    • Onsite (the client comes to you)
    • Mobile (you go to the client)
    • Video call (via video link within Keia, at no extra cost)

That’s it!

You’ve signed up and are now ready to start exploring the numerous features on Keia, all designed to make your professional life that much easier.

For a guide to the 5 simple steps to list on Keia MarketPlace where potential clients from 28+ wellness areas browse every day, please go here.

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