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An index of Keia Pro resources and external links* we would heartily recommend to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge in this area


  1. Blogging for clients
  2. Business needs
  3. GDPR
  4. Leadership
  5. Marketing
  6. Numbers
    1. Profit & Loss
    2. Cashflow
    3. KPI’s
  7. Organisation
    1. Writing a business plan
    2. Tax
    3. Insurance
  8. Self-care & Resilience
  9. Using Keia
    1. Increasing revenue
    2. Reducing costs
    3. Improving operations

Foundations of a Thriving Practice

* External i.e. non-Keia links are denoted with ‘EXT’. Whilst everything we recommend directly is likewise a free resource, some sites also have paid-for content. We are not affiliated in any way, and receive no commission for any subsequent purchase you might make – they are recommended by virtue of their quality alone.

1. Blogging for clients

Blogging is of course a Marketing skill, however it has its own Area in recognition of its exceptional ability to gain you new clients, keep them engaged and grow your brand – all for minimal if not zero financial outlay.

  1. EXT – How to write a blog post
  2. EXT – How to write an introduction
  3. EXT – How to write sub-headings
  4. EXT – How to write a paragraph

  5. EXT – Power words
  6. EXT – Sensory words

  7. EXT – Seductive writing tips
  8. EXT – Writing lessons from 27 best selling authors
  9. EXT – Proof reading and editing tips

  10. EXT – 40 tutorials covering every aspect of blogging

2. Business needs

What are your business priorities?

  1. New clients
  2. Saving time (business management)
  3. Reducing costs


  1. The GDPR, Keia and you
  2. What the GDPR means for wellness professionals on Keia
  3. GDPR privacy principles

4. Leadership

  1. 4 skills to run any wellness business
  2. A few minutes to understand… opportunity cost

  3. EXT – 3 lessons we can learn from the One Minute Manager
  4. EXT – 10 steps to lead a small but effective team
  5. EXT – 12 Great Leadership Qualities

5. Marketing

  1. 4 skills to run any wellness business
  2. A few minutes to understand… the marketing funnel
  3. ‘About Us’ text that inspires clients to book

  4. EXT – Ultimate guide to digital marketing
  5. EXT – Customer avatar worksheet
  6. EXT – Customer value journey
  7. EXT – Free professional copywriting email templates

6. Numbers

  1. 4 skills to run any wellness business


  1. A few minutes to understand… profit and loss (P&L)


  1. A few minutes to understand… cashflow
  2. How to prepare a cashflow statement, and what to do with the results
  3. 9 expert techniques for beating the #1 killer of small businesses
  4. How to track ‘cash in’ with ease and precision


  1. A few minutes to understand… KPI’s
  2. 4 ways to use KPI’s like a winner
  3. 9 KPI’s to steer your wellness business to success
  4. How to set up a KPI reporting system without spending a penny
  • Example KPI’s for a part time holistic therapist
  • Example KPI’s for a BACP registered counsellor
  • Example KPI’s for a self employed personal trainer
  • Example KPI’s for a hair and beauty salon owner

7. Organisation

  1. 4 skills to run any wellness business
  2. A few minutes to understand… the planning principle
  3. A few minutes to understand… business systems


  1. EXT – How to write a business plan
  2. EXT – How to develop a business plan for self employment
  3. EXT – Checklist for writing different types of business plan
    • One page pitch
    • Lean Plan
    • Standard Plan


  1. EXT – Sole Trader Tax – A Guide for Start-Ups & the Newly Self Employed
  2. EXT – Thinking of Going Self-Employed? The Key Finance & Tax Points You Must Get Right
  3. EXT – Tax made easy for counsellors
  4. EXT – A guide to expenses for counsellors
  5. EXT – A guide to expenses for hairdressers


  1. EXT – Why do therapists need insurance?
  2. Insurance requirements by wellness area (P&L notes)

8. Self-care & Resilience

  1. Self-care & Resilience
  2. Mind Body Soul
  3. EXT – How to ride the waves of change
  4. EXT – 134 Activities to Add to Your Self-Care Plan
  5. EXT – 5 secrets to calming yourself
  6. EXT – 8 ways you can master self-care without spending a dime
  7. EXT – 30 Self-Care Tips: How to Avoid Sickness, Burnout, and Exhaustion
  8. EXT – Resilience and Overwhelm: How Full Is Your ‘Container’?
  9. EXT – What Is Self-Care And Why Is Self-Care Important?

9. Using Keia

  1. Sign up in just a few minutes
  2. Welcome Tour:


  1. Attracting clients to your profile a.k.a booking platform
  2. Want more clients, more enquiries and bookings? It’s free to get Verified in 3 easy steps
  3. I just want new clients


  1. I just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments


  1. Check-in Manager – keeping you safe and sound
  2. I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one
  3. I have a website / social media profile, but it doesn’t take bookings
  4. Making it easy for your client to pay you
  5. How to track ‘cash in’ with precision and ease

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