Setting up a Reiki business when you have no budget

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Grow your Reiki business using these free tools*

  1. Client records
    1. Bookings
    2. Client sessions
    3. GDPR
  2. Diary
    1. New appointments
    2. Reschedules
    3. Cancellations
    4. Availability
  3. Brand
    1. Social media
    2. Website
  4. Bookings
    1. Payments
    2. Financial log
    3. Receipts
    4. Reminders
  5. Startup checklist you’re here!
    • Inspiration from experienced Reiki business owners

*A Keia plan from 33p-a-day would also take care of all this, including a dedicated Customer Support Manager for all the questions that haven’t been asked yet.

Startup checklist

Learning from experienced Reiki professionals

Professional liability insurance

  • Not a legal requirement for Reiki professionals in the UK, but it’s highly recommended that you invest in professional insurance as soon as your finances allow.
  • On Keia MarketPlace, you cannot obtain the green Verified tick without confirmation of PL insurance.

A quiet workspace, shielded from outside noises

  • Decorate the room with calm, soothing colours.
  • Some excellent advice from Helene Williams:
    • Keep your space clean and uncluttered and remember that many people are sensitive to odours, even certain aromatherapy smells.  
    • Additionally, if your practice is in your home and you own pets, make sure that your clients are aware of that prior to their appointment time. 
    • Keep into account that clients may have had traumatic events related to animals and may also have a history of allergic reactions.  
    • Also, as much as animals are incredibly healing, a barking dog or jumping cat can be very disruptive during a Reiki session.

Reiki (or massage) table, pillows, linens, and blankets

  • Obviously not needed for distance Reiki.
  • If you’re really stuck for cash at the outset, you can make do without, but it obviously makes a big difference to the client’s comfort, not to mention how they perceive you.


  • Your phone, tablet, laptop or even a good old fashioned CD player. The biggest advantage is that you won’t be at the mercy of internet connectivity problems! If using a phone, tablet, or laptop, try and get external speakers to plug into them – if you don’t have any, ask your friends if they have one you can borrow.
  • Said to be the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress, Insight Timer are a great free source of calming music.
  • Spotify or Youtube seem obvious choices, and indeed there are lots of reiki playlists available (or search for ‘reiki healing music’).
    • However the free versions are not recommended when you are with a client, as you will be bombarded with advertisements – usually at the worst possible time!

Business expenses are tax deductible

  • Standard items include
    • rent money if you hire your treatment space
    • fuel bills if you own your treatment space
    • training expenses including travel and lodging
    • filling your car up to go see clients
    • etc etc.
  • Have a secure place to keep every receipt.
  • Log them as you go along, it soon adds up!


Self-Reiki and meditating with the Reiki precepts are part of my daily practice, which is essential to being a grounded practitioner and teacher.

Helene Williams

Running a business of any description, at any time – especially during a pandemic – can really take it out of you.

Ensure you have time for yourself on a regular basis – diarise this if necessary so it becomes a formal part of your day.

Please also see the Self Care section in the Resource Library.

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You can’t pour from an empty cup

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