Social media for your Reiki business when you have no budget

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Grow your Reiki business using these free tools*

  1. Client records
    1. Bookings
    2. Client sessions
    3. GDPR
  2. Diary
    1. New appointments
    2. Reschedules
    3. Cancellations
    4. Availability
  3. Brand
    1. Social media you’re here!
    2. Website
  4. Bookings
    1. Payments
    2. Financial log
    3. Receipts
    4. Reminders
  5. Startup checklist
    • Inspiration from experienced Reiki business owners

*A Keia plan from 33p-a-day would also take care of all this, including a dedicated Customer Support Manager for all the questions that haven’t been asked yet.


We have never had so much choice when it comes to social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok

Business News Daily wrote a rather excellent summary which you can read here.

It can be bewildering for users, just to decide what to browse. As a business owner, good luck trying to pick your way through the jungle of options!

Whilst each one has a very distinct personality and way of doing things, what they do have in common is:

  • They are free to join, and free to start promoting your business in a very basic way.
  • The free ways soon reach their limits, as they cajole you into upgrading to a paid-for business plan.

But that’s ok. Because you see,

That’s not why we’re here

Promoting your business i.e. using social media as a source of clients, is Step 2 (Clients) of your plan for starting or growing your Reiki business.

In this post, we’re focused on Step 1: setting up a business system.

Our immediate objective is to use social media as an online base for your business. Somewhere to inform potential clients of:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • what each service costs, and how long it takes
  • when you are available
  • your standards, personality and outlook (testimonials, case studies, your blog)

With this in mind, Facebook comes to the fore as the best option by far.

The others are all very focused on a particular area or you are very limited in what you can post e.g.

  • Instagram and Pinterest are weighted towards images
  • Snapchat, Tiktok and Youtube are geared toward videos
  • LinkedIn does not allow you to post multiple photo or video albums.

Facebook is the most versatile platform, allowing you to create a business profile with:

  • Opening hours (your availability)
  • Lengthy text to describe your business and services
  • Unlimited photo and video albums
  • Links to videos
  • Links to other sites, including your website
  • The ability to exchange private or public messages with potential clients

It’s like a free mini-website. The main advantage vs actually having your own website is that it’s comparatively quicker to set up, and your profile is instantly part of the world’s largest social network.

For some business owners, it’s a convenient solution when they are starting out.

For others, even though it’s much more flexible than, say, Twitter or Instagram, it’s still too limited in what it can do, and how the profile can look.

For them, only a customised website will do.

Fret ye not, for here’s something I prepared earlier 🙂

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