How to grow your Reiki practice (or start one) without spending a penny

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12 March 2021

Updated 22 January 2022

Money isn’t everything. Unless you’ve got none.

Isn’t that an inconvenient truth?

Another one is that coronavirus, Brexit and Trump’s collective shenanigans have thoroughly sucker-punched any predictions you or anyone might have had about how things would turn out. These are wildly uncertain times.

It would therefore be completely natural to feel it’s the wrong time to start or grow a Reiki business.

However, what if… you could do it for zero financial cost (other than however you connect to the internet)?

If your costs are zero,

every booking, no matter how few or far between, is extra income.

Income you can choose to invest for further growth. The very definition of a virtuous cycle.

It’s a sublime baseline from which to grow, when there is no immediate pressure to get clients.

Not least with Distance Reiki, suited for the era of COVID-19 in more ways than one, and which has soared in popularity of late (please remember in the UK at least you must have been attuned face to face in order to offer this).

There is tremendous value in having a thriving Reiki practice […]

In addition to purely financial results, there are also emotional and spiritual benefits that can be even more fulfilling.

You’ll be immersed in Reiki energy several hours a day on a regular basis. This will have a positive affect on your health.

At the same time, giving Reiki sessions to others and seeing them heal and grow will fill your heart with peace and joy. You’ll be providing a service to others and to your community that will connect you to them in a very loving and spiritual way. Being in this type of energetic environment will quicken your personal growth and move you more quickly along on your spiritual path.

– William Rand

All you need is a phone

(or tablet or computer) with internet access.

Of course, these aren’t free free but if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve got access to at least one.

How we did it

I recently helped my wife (TB a.k.a. TinkerBell) launch her Reiki / light language / counselling / hypnotherapy business, Blossom Therapies, during the first coronavirus driven lockdown in the UK, using the exact principles covered in this post.

A corner of the Zen Den from which a practitioner runs her Reiki business
A corner of TB’s Zen Den

Admittedly, when it comes to the implementation we’re using Keia to do nearly everything. This is why πŸ™‚

Given the other demands of TB’s time (a part time role with the NHS, and new mother hopefully in the not too distant future), it’s a no brainer, for less than the price of a small chocolate bar a day.

It’s not just the hours saved though.

If time is precious, something that’s even more so to us is peace of mind.

It’s the immeasurable reassurance, that business requirements are being dealt with, like clockwork behind the scenes, so TB can focus on matters of the mind and soul.

A Reiki practitioner grounds herself as she practises success consciousness
TB grounding in our garden

If you don’t have a budget

If you’re nonetheless inclined to work with a budget of Β£0.00, then this post will show you how, in detail.

I should confess, a secondary objective of mine in doing so, is to demonstrate just how much routine work and time Keia saves you.

It’s an honest report of course, combining universal business fundamentals with learnings from experienced Reiki business owners.

You’ll see for yourself that every component has an important role to play in satisfying your clients, or finding you new ones, so that your Reiki practice can thrive.

Then when you’re able to spend a little, to regain precious time and ensure priceless peace of mind, we’ll be here for you.

If this post doesn’t provide real value, we’ll be waiting for a long time!

So without further ado…

Welcome dear healer,

Are you ready to join the ranks of those earning an honest income from doing something they love?

I promise you that the dance ahead is a delightful one, and it begins with a simple 2 steps:

The two essential components of every Reiki business

In order to successfully start or grow a Reiki business, you need to do two things well, over and above your core purpose of raising the collective vibration.

Thankfully both can be accomplished in a variety of ways that don’t cost anything other than your time.

  1. Attract clients
  2. Provide those clients with consistently excellent service

The first one is what nearly everyone thinks of first.

Attracting clients is undoubtedly important in the journey ahead, and I’ll show you 7 different ways of doing so with no budget.

What is less evident, is that it should be tackled second – however tempting it is to immediately throw your energies into finding those lovely customers who value your services enough to pay for them.

Before looking for clients

first set up a system for providing excellent service, consistently.

By taking care of your business requirements, it allows you to focus on the Reiki, thus ensuring that every client gets the best you have to offer, from their first encounter, without exception.

This builds your reputation, and is a steady path to acquiring new clients that become regular clients.

It will save you precious time and emotional energy, because every time a business task needs to be done, you can follow procedure, rather than having to think about what to do from scratch.

Achieving success isn’t a complicated process. It’s just a matter of doing the right things consistently until you reach your goal. 

William Rand

If you follow the direction of this guide, this universal truth will also find you.

Indeed, Reiki practitioners are, by their nature, better equipped for this than many folk. I’ll explain further below.

Step 1: A system for excellent service

In order for you to consistently deliver excellent service, your business system has to stay on top of five core areas:

  1. Managing client records
  2. Managing your diary
  3. Presenting your services (brand) to potential clients
  4. Taking bookings
  5. General admin

Daunting as this may sound, individually they’re simple to grasp, and we’re going to waltz through each one within a couple of paragraphs.

By the end you’ll have a clear idea of how to build a thriving, scalable Reiki practice.

Now if you’ve worked for the NHS or a large business you’re probably nodding wisely at this point, thinking,

“Consistency requires standard operating procedures.”

And you’d be exactly right.

What is an SOP & how will it help my Reiki business to grow?

Don’t be put off by their officious label. I assure you SOP’s are not difficult.

A Standard Operating Procedure is quite simply a collection of statements, describing what actions to take, for a given situation.

SOP’s can include any relevant forms or admin tools. They may also describe the rationale for taking such an approach and/or the setup required.

It’s important that each SOP is carried out, to the letter, every time that the described situation occurs e.g.

  • a new client needs registering
  • you accept a new booking

This is how your reputation – your brand – is forged.

If you have good SOP’s in place and follow them consistently, your brand will grow and grow.

As sure as night follows day.

If you are doing what you love, and you do it with love, how could it be any other way?

Each of the 5 areas are outlined below, with a link to its free SOP and all widgets needed to get you up and running, quickly.

Copy them, adapt them to your requirements, make them your own.

With each one covered, you’re ready to start attracting paying clients (which this guide will also show you how to do, at no cost).

SOP’s to grow your Reiki business

1. Client records

  • For each client, an information file with their contact details, preferences and treatment history – stored securely and backed up in some way.

Click here for your free Client Records SOP

2. Diary

  • New bookings
  • Reschedules
  • Cancellations
  • Availability

Click here for your free Diary SOP

3. Present your services (brand)

  • Your business needs at least one online profile. Somewhere to inform potential clients of:
    • who you are
    • what you do
    • what each service costs, and how long it takes
    • when you are available
  • It can be anything from a basic social media profile, to a fully customised, all singing / dancing website
  • Ideally, at least one profile would be able to manage bookings for you – taking payment and updating your diary
  • The more profiles you have, the greater your potential reach, but the more work it is to keep everything up to date

Remarkably, even bespoke multi-functional websites can be had for no cost these days, courtesy of free packages from the likes of WordPress and Wix.

Find out how to leverage them to grow your Reiki business:

4. Bookings

A booking is more than a financial transaction, it is an experience your client has with you.

Consequently, to manage bookings effectively and efficiently, is to grow your Reiki business through word of mouth.

To do so, it’s important to have:

  1. a way of accepting online payments
  2. a way of accepting card payments, over the phone and in person
  3. a receipt template
  4. a financial log
  5. a way of sending client reminders

Click here for your free Bookings SOP

5. Startup checklist

If you’re just starting out, click here for your free checklist including inspiration from experienced Reiki business owners

Step 2: Clients

Clients i.e. people can be ever so unpredictable.

Consequently, the more you need your Reiki business to grow or even just be steady, the more you should diversify your different sources of clients.

Top Tip

It’s easier to get a previous client to return than it is to find a new one

  • Clients are more likely to return if they’ve had a positive experience (which starts from the moment they try to book with you)
  • Hence the importance of setting up your SOP’s first

7 free sources of clients

  • Personal networking – tell your friends, family, colleagues, people you meet, that you are starting out in Reiki and offering free sessions, or for a small donation to cover expenses. Everyone has to start somewhere, and people will know and appreciate this.
  • Referrals – create a bonus program based on clients getting free sessions for bringing you new paying clients. 
  • Blogging – there is an entire section in the Resource Library on blogging for clients. Write from the heart, write stuff that a younger you would find useful. Every relevant word establishes you as a helpful expert who knows their chakras from their Akashic records.
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn. These all have free options to entice you onto their platform before upselling you various paid-for options. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s in their interest to ensure the free options are of the highest standard and it’s similar to what I’m doing right now for Keia! The paid for options might even be the right thing for you, when you do have the budget, but that’s another blog post…
  • Free directories – for example, local business directories, or
  • Keia MarketPlace – erm, bit of a stretch I know, but such good value I can’t not mention it… a listing on Keia MarketPlace is included free with each business plan (even the 33p-a-day Starter plan), connecting your profile to clients browsing from 28 wellness areas.

    The advantage over a generic directory, is that readers already have wellness in mind, when they see your profile.

Using the 7 P’s to organise your marketing

Why Reiki practitioners have what it takes

I see time and time again Reiki masters extolling the merit of having a ‘what will be will be’ attitude, giving the best that you can whatever the circumstances.

They trust that the universal energy will eventually come good, no matter what is currently going down.

They speak of success consciousness, concepts including:

  • There is enough for everyone, including myself
  • I am worthy
  • My Reiki business can successfully provide the services people need
  • I am a valuable Reiki resource for others

It’s a common approach amongst Reiki practitioners, and something I can vouch for as a first hand witness, observing it, feeling it every day in how TB approaches life.

As a foundation for getting a business going in the current climate, you couldn’t ask for more.

Align this ethic with a sound business system that supports consistency, and I wholeheartedly trust that you will receive what is meant for you.

Thank you for reading – I hope you found it useful. To see similar resources, just click on one of the tags below, e.g. ‘Reiki professional‘, or browse the Resource Library.

I’d be eternally grateful if you could share these with anyone else who might find them of use.

Wishing you well,


Calling all lightworkers and starseeds

Update 22/01/2022

TB and I have started a community help group for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, providing free resources (articles, client forms, videos) and community support from other lightworkers, energy healers, starseeds, holistic therapists and spiritual entrepreneurs who understand that whilst we’re all made of star stuff, the rent is still due by the 5th and it’s already the 7th.

If this sounds like you, come and join us here

Our launch live event is on 02/02/22 but will be available as a recording if you can’t make it.

BTW since writing this post, TB and I have realised it was missing a vital component, which we developed into our model, Foundations of a Thriving Practice. This forms the basis of our approach to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Jade and Quy


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