Have a Free Reiki Evening

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From: Create a Thriving Reiki Practice

by William Lee Rand, with thanks to www.reiki.org

This is also called a Reiki Share group and is an evening usually offered on a regular basis, such as once or twice a month, when Reiki practitioners get together to exchange Reiki.

People who have never experienced Reiki can also be invited.

Those who have Reiki training are asked to bring their Reiki tables.

Usually a talk is given at the beginning that explains Reiki and answers questions. Usually, those new to Reiki receive sessions first, often with several practitioners giving them Reiki at the same time.

A table can be set up for practitioners to display their business cards and flyers. Announcements about classes or other Reiki activities can also be made.

Include a registration sheet to get names and email addresses to add to your email list so you can keep them notified about future Reiki events. 

This is an excellent way to meet new Reiki practitioners, attract those seeking healing and to advertise your practice.

A subtle benefit of these meetings is that it keeps Reiki awareness high in your community and creates good will that will come back to you to support your practice. 

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