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What is this?

Many wellness professionals work with an ensemble of separate services and processes to manage their Organisation and Marketing requirements:

  1. A website and/or social media profile
  2. A paper diary or their smartphone’s diary
  3. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, online directories, other digital channels to find new clients.
  4. Printed leaflets, networking meetings, other offline activity to find new clients
  5. A merchant account to take card payments e.g. Paypal
  6. Something to produce invoices, often a word processing program
  7. A spreadsheet for tracking income from bookings, and completing tax returns
  8. A filing system for recording client details, consent forms, notes, before/after photos, appointment history, payment history / outstanding bills
  9. etc.

More means less

The more individual processes you have, the more time needed to manage them, and to switch between them (mentally and physically).

Not to mention dealing with each service provider, and quite often a separate monthly fee.

Time and financial cost, that you now have less of, for all the other things that need doing.

A good business system can radically transform your productivity & effectiveness

Business systems are software programs, custom-built to fulfil dozens of organisation, marketing, numbers and even leadership requirements from one single control panel.

Most modern systems are ‘cloud based’. This means every change made by you or the client is instantly backed up to remote servers.

This holds immense advantages over using a paper diary or a system held on one computer (imagine if either got lost, stolen or irretrievably damaged!):

  • full control and access to all information from anywhere with an online connection
  • changes you make to your online profile including prices and promotional offers, take universal effect immediately
  • booking information is always up to date, to the second
  • if you work with a team, each member can log in from a different location.
  • your data instantly and securely backed up to online servers, usually part of a global network i.e. backups in different continents. GDPR compliance should be a given, but go to the terms and conditions if you’re not sure and use Control and F (Apple key and F) to search for the initials GDPR.

The latest modern systems also tend to be built with ‘responsive design‘ – this technology detects whether you are using a laptop or tablet or smartphone, and adjusts the display to make the best use of your screen size.

How is this useful to me?

Unsurprisingly, the functionality differs from system to system, so it’s always worth getting into the detail of precisely what one will do for you, if you’re considering investing in one.

The following benefits are based on Keia’s feature set:

1. Your 24/7 personal assistant who never takes a day off, never forgets a detail

If you can only take bookings over the phone or in person, and you work 8 hours a day, you’re missing out on 67% of the time when potential clients could be booking with you.

Having a system gives you three times the window in which to receive bookings.

It then handles everything for you, issuing confirmations, receipts and reminders to every client, addressed from you, like an eerily perfect personal assistant.

2. Save time

When an appointment is confirmed on Keia, whether by you or by a client self-booking, the following happen automatically, instantly and consistently:

  1. Confirmation email sent to client with receipt attached (invoice and ‘pay now’ link if the client has not paid yet)
  2. Diary and business profile availability updated
  3. Transaction (financial) records updated
  4. Reminder SMS scheduled to go to client 1 day before the appointment (and 1 week where relevant)

To do the same manually, to the same unerring standards of presentation every time, would in most cases require several hours every week.

3. Keep yourself fresh

It’s not just time that’s saved, but your mental energies, your get-up-and-go. Save your personal zest for the things that only you can do.

4. Avoid avoidable mistakes

Most people dislike routine tasks for a reason – they numb the mind and when distractions, fatigue, boredom, or work overload happen, errors occur.

Because we’re human.

A system never tires of pulling out the correct address details, or filing the receipt correctly after sending a courtesy copy to the client – or a gentle, non-awkward reminder in the form of a ‘pay now’ link emailed by Keia with the unpaid invoice.

It just does it exactly as it should be done.

5. Build your reputation, build your brand

When your organisation is running smoothly, and clients are happy with the results of your service, two things happen to your business:

  • New clients become repeat clients
  • Word-of-mouth spreads

As sure as night follows day.

6. Online booking profile

It’s a golden maxim of marketing, as old as the hills of time (probably), that you should

go where your customers are

These days, that more or less means the internet – most certainly with consumer services, and wellness is no exception.

More and more consumers in every market in every location, expect to be able to do everything online.

  • Browse and compare
  • Book and pay
  • Reschedule / cancel
  • Leave reviews & ratings
  • See reviews & ratings

If you don’t have an online business profile that can facilitate all of that, then you are inherently and significantly disadvantaged vs your competitors that do.

I don’t have the budget

Access all of Keia’s features, with no limit on the size of your team, from just £19.19 per month, less than £5 a week, or 64p a day.

Consider this against the opportunity cost of your time and energy in having to manually manage everything that a system would do automatically and with laser like accuracy every time.

A good online business system is an investment that will see your efficacy, effectiveness, and reputation for clockwork-like professionalism, increase by several orders of magnitude.

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