The 7 point zen path to making an income from Reiki with Keia

your business-in-a-box
for time and peace of min

  • A zen state of mind starts with knowing your personal business consultant (Customer Support Manager) is only a call or email away
  • Full control from any phone / tablet / laptop
  • Free listing on Keia MarketPlace, browsed daily by clients from 28+ wellness areas
  • Save hours every week if not day with systemised appointment handling, reminders and receipts
  • No widget needed to take card payments with your phone or any online device
  • Save money with every card or online payment*
  • Don’t worry about being GDPR compliant, it’s taken care of – as are regular automatic backups.

* transaction fee of only 1% + VAT

All this from only £9.98 per month including VAT (33p per day)

You’ve set your intentions, done your new moon manifestation ritual, set an abundance crystal grid. What next?

If you’re reading this, it’s the right time to start or grow your Reiki practice. You haven’t come here by chance…

You know the potential Reiki has to heal and lift the collective consciousness.

We can help you get that message out there to attract the right clients for what you offer.

When those clients come, let us do the detail, so you can focus on the healing.

We do the detail, you do the Reiki

Say hello to your digital assistant

When a client makes a booking – which could happen 24/7 thanks to your free online profile and MarketPlace listing – several things happen without interrupting you.

  • Payment is automatically processed and a confirmation email sent to the client with their receipt.

    No more awkward conversations about money
  • Your diary is updated, as is your financial log (bookkeeping) and the client’s record.
  • We send you an email and a text message with the details.
  • The day/week before the appointment, we text the client a polite reminder.
  • If the client needs to reschedule, everything can be arranged without distracting you from your day. Naturally you get a personal message to confirm the new details.

And we’d be seriously shirking in our duties if client records and everything else weren’t regularly backed up for you, securely and privately.

Say hello to your digital assistant that never sleeps, never takes a day off.

Technology for 24/7 support,
a person who cares when you need to talk

Contacting customer services at some companies can be a less than harmonious experience.

Assuming you reach a person in the first place, there are few things so annoying as explaining your concerns to someone, only to be passed on to A.N.Other.

Who then needs you to explain everything again. Grrr.

Your dedicated Customer Support Manager at Keia knows your practice like your family doctor knows your health.

We are only a phone call or email away.

We are here to support you

even if your business issue is not directly related to your Keia plan.

What others say

The business proposal, support and encouragement has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel inspired that with the help of Keia, I can now take my business to the next level.

– Jen (5/5 via TrustPilot)

Great customer service and a very useful tool to use for my training and business I intend to grow. Keep up the good work, thank you.

– Lisa Kenniford (5/5 via TrustPilot)

I find it very advantageous in many ways. In particular, confirmation emails on booking, reminder texts and the ability to now change or make a booking online. I have also used the website for other similar services which I did not know about before.

– Nicola Munday (5/5 via TrustPilot)

Complete flexibility, because life is unpredictable

We don’t believe in binding contracts for our partners.

You can pause or close your account at any time – we’ll be here when you’re ready to pick things up again.

Try now for free

See for yourself how zen it is to get your Reiki business going the Keia way.

Tap the green button below to claim your free 14 day trial today.

Take that empowering step towards manifesting your goals.

We’ll be with you all the way.

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