I want to go part time, whilst continuing my job / studies

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Hi, and welcome to #1 in a series looking at the most common business needs for which wellness professionals join Keia. Each post contains clear examples of how to quickly establish a working solution.

  1. I want to go part time whilst continuing my job / studies
  2. I’m about to start a business / go private, and want all the help I can get
  3. I run a business, using a paper diary
  4. I have a website / social media profile, but it doesn’t take bookings
  5. I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one
  6. I’m happy with my setup and just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments
  7. I’m happy with my setup and just want new clients

There are several excellent reasons to go part time,

without leaving your job or before finishing your studies.

It might be as a sideline to make some extra cash. It might be to test the waters before leaving your job (gulp).

Or quite simply, you feel the alluring pull of your calling too strong to resist until you can leave your current position.

You just got a whole lot poorer

Whatever the reason, the moment you decided that this is the way forward, you instantly got a whole lot poorer.

We’re talking mainly about time here – obviously there are also financial costs but for part time pursuits, the impact is usually fairly easily managed.

By taking on a major new responsibility, you are going to be time poorer, and very much so – at least if you’re serious about building a personal brand and a client base (part time or not).

Into the same 24 hours and commitments as before, you now need to squeeze in your new sideline. Not just client service time but admin, customer services, and marketing activities to acquire or retain clients.

One day it will pay off in spades, and you will look back with immense gratitude that you started when you did and made the leap.

Indeed, many professionals say they wish they’d started sooner.

Right now though, it’s an entire new collection of things to remember, organise and stay on top of.

Help where it matters

Happily, help in all the right places is only a couple of clicks away:

Everything with Keia is designed to help you

  • acquire new clients
  • save time/money
  • build your reputation for slick efficiency with automated professional standard emails, texts, invoices and reports

By taking care of the mundane and the routine, it frees you up to focus on what excites you about your new calling.

No wonder the vast majority of our partners are still with us a year after signing up!

All you need to start

All you need is… two plans and an online booking platform

Assuming you’ve got all the tools of the trade for your wellness specialty (including qualifications, registration and insurance where applicable), there are only three things you really need to get going:

  1. a marketing plan
  2. a financial plan
  3. an online business profile that can manage bookings

See here why it’s so important to have a marketing and financial plan in place – and why it’s a lot simpler than many would think…


  • Where will you find new clients?
  • How will you describe yourself to new clients?
  • What services will you offer?
  • How long is each session, and how much will you charge?
  • Will you have a clinic / salon / office, or will you travel to clients?

This could be as simple as a series of statements to clarify your thinking on key matters. Even the most basic plan is better than none at all – it helps ensure your efforts are focused where it matters, providing the framework to help you get the right services to the right people at the right price.

Please email [email protected] with “Marketing plan – PTP” in the subject to receive your free template and tutorial. Keia members also have free access to professional standard marketing campaign templates.


As with the marketing plan, this doesn’t need to be as detailed as if you were planning on going full time, but it’s still important to understand your costs, and how much you expect to make per client and as a whole.

Please email [email protected] with “Financial plan – PTP” in the subject to receive your free template and tutorial.


The ubiquity of the internet means that an online presence is one of the most important investments any business can make, and that absolutely applies to what you are doing here (setting up an operation to make you recurring income).

Unless your profile can also manage bookings and customer relations though, it’s little more than an online leaflet. You need your assets to do more, and work much harder than that, to reduce the work that you have to do.

A typical profile on Keia below (laptop view)

Your instant online brand, the launchpad from which to grow your personal business

Working smart, not just hard

Every feature below comes as standard with your Keia profile

Online business profileThe foundation for your brand. Any client from anywhere can book 24/7 securely online – you’re instantly notified by text and by email.

Free listing on Keia MarketPlaceYour business profile is listed on the world’s most extensive wellness marketplace, where clients from 27+ wellness areas browse for services like yours.

There is no charge for any clients that book with you through Keia MarketPlace.

Automated client comms and listWhen a booking is made, Keia sends the client a confirmation email with the receipt attached, saving a copy to your personal secure online archive. If the client is new, an entry with their contact details is created in your Client List, from where you can access all their appointments and notes in one place.

It’s like having a personal assistant who never sleeps, and never forgets a detail.

Client SMS remindersYour personal assistant again, sending a text reminder to the client one week before the appointment, and then the day before. This minimises no-shows, protecting your revenue.

Transaction reportKnow exactly where you’re up to at any time. Your revenue figures and VAT (where applicable) accounted for to the penny, saving you hours in admin and headaches.

Full control
from anywhere in the world
Access all information and features from any online browser (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

The screengrab below is part of the Client List (smartphone view).

Run your wellness business from any
smartphone, tablet or laptop

No contract, no commitment, no risk

Going part-time often means you retain a host of other responsibilities, including a full time job and/or studies. We understand that’s a lot to take on, and furthermore circumstances can change through no fault of your own.

So, you need tools that are as low risk and flexible as life can be unpredictable.

When you sign up with Keia, the first two weeks are completely free. No card details are required, unless you decide to subscribe at the end of your free trial.

There is no contractual commitment. This means you can end your subscription at any time with no penalty – then come back to your profile if things change again.

Just be sure to let the Customer Success team know to keep your details in storage until your return, or it will be automatically deleted as part of our data protection procedures!

More help just where it’s needed…

Low fixed cost – every Keia plan comes at a fixed cost, allowing you to budget with ease each month – vital when you’re starting out and don’t know what your earnings will be.

The Starter plan is just £9.98 (including VAT) per month.

Customer Success – our Customer Success team’s very reason for existence is your professional growth and development. Contact them at any time for swift, professional assistance on anything to do with your business profile and membership features.

Professional marketing campaign instructions & templates – available free to Keia members, even those on a free trial (look out for the subscription link in your welcome email when you sign up).

Prepared by marketing professionals with decades of experience in building profitable businesses, these will help you stand out from the competition and acquire clients.

Let’s go!

If you’re unfamiliar with setting up online profiles, then worry not, for step by step guides are available – just click on each blue link below:

  1. Sign up in just a few minutes for your free trial
  2. Welcome Tour – 5 simple steps to your live business profile
  3. Make the most of the trial, during which everything is free for unlimited usage, even new clients

After you have registered, please do complete the Welcome Tour to ensure your profile is set up to take bookings.

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