I just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments

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Hi, and welcome to #6 in a series looking at the most common business needs for which wellness professionals join Keia. Each post contains clear examples of how to quickly establish a working solution.

  1. I want to go part time without leaving my job / studies
  2. I’m about to start a business / go private, and want all the help I can get
  3. I already run a business, and use a paper diary
  4. I have a website / social media profile, but it doesn’t take bookings
  5. I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one
  6. I’m happy with my setup and just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments
  7. I’m happy with my setup and just want new clients

Some professionals come to Keia with the express objective of reducing what they pay to take card payments. As to everything else, now is not the right time to be making changes.

If this is where you’re at, please read on to see how others access Keia’s market leading rates whilst keeping the remainder of their setup as is. If it ain’t broke…

How much could I save?

KeiaPay costs only 1.0% + VAT of the transaction value to process a card payment.

The number of appointments you expect to do per month indicates which Keia plan is required.

In many cases, the cost of the plan is less than the total savings from the lower transaction fees.

Also check your bill to see if you are paying a monthly fee (you’d be surprised at how many pro’s are paying a standing charge they’re unaware of, or had forgotten about).

Typical example:

A massage therapist is charged 2.4% with their current merchant account. They also pay a standing fee of £15, and go through about 60 appointments each month, with an average appointment value of £50.

Their monthly bill = 60 x £50 x 2.4%, plus the standing fee of £15 = £87

60 appointments on Keia would put them on the Pro Plan which costs £26.99 per month (for up to 100 appointments)

Monthly with Keia = 60 x £50 x 1%, plus £26.99 = £56.99

Total saving: £30 per month or £360 a year

Figures exclude VAT

Could you be one of thousands of professionals to save more in card fees than the cost of your Keia plan?

I’m sold! How do I get on?

As with everything on Keia, your user journey is designed to be quick and easy:

  1. Set up your account in minutes.
  2. Open a QuickAdd form by clicking on the ‘plus’ symbol in the bottom right of your Diary, then put the payment through. Or if you’ve allowed clients to self book, sit back and let them do the admin – either way, you’re saving money with every transaction.
Tap on the ‘plus’ sign in the bottom right of your diary to QuickAdd a new payment

1. Set up in minutes

  • Register in just a few minutes
  • Welcome Tour
    • If you want to manage all bookings yourself, you only need to complete sections 2 (Staff) and 3 (Services) of the Welcome Tour
    • If you want clients to be able to self book, section 5 (Availability) is also required

2a. When a booking happens on your existing system,

deal with it in the normal way, until the point at which you would normally take payment.

Instead of going through your usual payment process, QuickAdd the appointment instead on Keia.

Top tip: QuickAdd lets you set a custom price.

  • You might decide to give them an on the spot discount for being a loyal customer
  • Or, they ask you to add 5% to the bill by way of a tip

2b. If you take bookings online,

simply redirect the ‘book now’ button or link to your Keia profile.

The client makes the booking, and you benefit from the improved rate.

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