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Hi, and welcome to #7 in a series looking at the most common business needs for which wellness professionals join Keia. Each post contains clear examples of how to quickly establish a working solution.

  1. I want to go part time without leaving my job / studies
  2. I’m about to start a business / go private, and want all the help I can get
  3. I already run a business, and use a paper diary
  4. I have a website / social media profile, but it doesn’t take bookings
  5. I’m not happy with my setup but don’t have time for a new one
  6. I’m happy with my setup and just want to reduce the cost of taking card payments
  7. I’m happy with my setup and just want new clients

The most common need

“I need new clients” is the most common business challenge cited by professionals in every wellness area, without exception.

  • If you’re recently established, you need new clients
  • If you’re established but want to grow, you need new clients
  • If you offer a service where a successful outcome means they usually don’t come back e.g. hypnotherapy, counselling, or cosmetic dentistry, you need new clients

This perennial need often remains even when a professional has polished the rest of their business processes and setup, to the extent they have no desire to change any of it, and a request we hear time and time again is,

How can I integrate my setup with Keia to receive client bookings and nothing else?

Happily, even if you have no need for the business and client management features, or ultra low cost card payment facilities, it’s a simple three part process to list your business on Keia MarketPlace.

Do this and tap into an incredibly low cost, low risk source of new clients, for minimal effort.

Does this sound like what you need? Let’s go…

1. Set up a business profile on MarketPlace

2. When a booking comes in

  • You will receive a confirmation email with all the appointment details on
  • Transfer this to your existing setup

3. Keep Availability up to date

Potential clients could be self-booking with you on Marketplace at any time of day or night, therefore it’s important your Availability is at all times a faithful representation of the times you can provide.

Professionals with a high cancellation rate due to their not being able to honour bookings, will be taken off MarketPlace.

Notice added 27th August 2019

Join MarketPlace now for a fraction of the cost of Solo

Due to fast growing demand for professionals
you are invited to

This is a limited time offer and will be taken down without notice

New clients that book with you via MarketPlace are all included in your fixed monthly subscription

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