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What did/will you find hardest about turning professional?

Having spoken to thousands of professionals in dozens of industries from acupuncture to yoga, do you know what the single most common answer to this was (and we’re talking, more than all the others combined)?

“The business challenges”

  • Finding new clients – then getting them to come back
  • Managing and communicating with people – clients, staff, contractors
  • Managing payments – card, cash, voucher, unpaid bills
  • Managing paperwork – invoices, receipts, tax returns, client records, GDPR compliance

And somehow after doing all of that, still finding time for ‘me’.

The missing link

For too many, their vocational training – be it makeup artistry or relationship counselling, acupuncture or physiotherapy – however superb in every other way, had one glaring omission.

It barely, if at all, touched on the business challenges that lay ahead, never mind equip them with practical skills and useful techniques for getting clients through the door in a cost and time effective manner.

If there’s a gap, here’s how to fill it

Fortunately, as with any other skill you’ve already acquired, the basics can be imparted, then it’s down to hard work and practise. Put all three together, and you have massively and significantly increased your chances of making it as a professional in your chosen field.

As someone famous who achieved a lot of things once said, “The more I practise, the luckier I get.

If you’ve not yet had a grounding in business skills, or simply want a refresher or top-up, then please read on for the lowdown on what’s available and how to get it.

Relevant, practical, & proven training

Keia provide business training in person to our leading channel partners and brand ambassadors, including over 50 VTCT courses in institutions rated outstanding in every department by OFSTED, preparing their students to not just survive, but thrive as professionals.

It’s a privilege and responsibility we hold in the highest regard, and every tutorial is given by a senior Keia business executive with more than twenty years’ professional experience, and working to the same brief:

Approach as if your own relatives had come to you for guidance, also on the verge of starting out in the working world.

That same standard of care, and the resulting structure, principles and assets used to deliver the training to our most valued partners, lie behind the resources now being made freely available to you through the Keia blog.

Please see ‘Whatever works for you‘ below.

Skills for life

The tutorials and tools provided are, of course, wellness centric.

The underlying principles and your resulting knowledge base however, could be applied to every business in every industry, anywhere in the world – much like wellness itself is universally relevant.

All in all, a rather useful set of life skills to have under your belt.

We hope it all makes sense. Please feel free to raise any queries or suggest topics to be covered.

Thanks for being with us.

Keia Pro Editorial Team

Whatever works for you…

Please pick and mix from the below. If you don’t see what you need, please keep checking back, or raise a suggestion via the Contact Us form.

Business Foundations /
Resource Library
With just 4 foundation skills under your belt, you can run any business, anywhere.

Search the Resource Library under Organisation | Marketing | Numbers | Leadership

Pro ResourcesGuidebooks, templates, checklists, calculators and other free resources to help you run your business. Look out for posts under ‘Pro Resources.’

“A few minutes to…”A specific type of Pro Resource, each of these takes just a few minutes to explain a key concept that might help you win more clients, reduce costs or run your business more efficiently.

Membership AreaIt’s free to join (see below) and gives you access to a host of benefits including professional client acquisition campaign templates.

Membership Area

Register for your free trial, and gain access to our membership site, exclusively for Keia Partners!

Even if you do not continue beyond your trial, you get to keep your membership, which includes:

  • Marketing campaigns which are easy to implement with full explanatory notes and templates
  • Tools and templates to help you with your business including a simple to use ROI & ROAS (return on ad spend) calculator, helping you invest in the most effective marketing methods for your business
  • Full partner support for any help or problems you may have with this site and the Keia app
  • Referral section to help you to introduce other people who would find the Keia app as invaluable as we are sure you will… After all, you should be rewarded for any introductions you make to us

Look out for the link in your welcome email (screengrab below) after signing up.

Resource Library

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