Could you be a Brand Ambassador for Keia, and double your income (or more)?

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Brand Ambassadors to be – you are cordially invited to apply

Is this you?

  • Articulate and willing to express yourself online, whether through words, pictures or videos
  • Student, practising professional or training provider in any of these areas
  • Would welcome significant additional residual income (i.e. paid whether you got out of bed or not)

Could this be you?

We are searching for the next round of brand ambassadors to join us. It’s free to apply, and for those who come on board, fitting it effortlessly around what you already do, it’s not unimaginable that you double your income as a professional.

If you’re invited to the next round, we’ll show you in detailed and transparent terms, just how feasible it is that you could soon be getting paid tens of thousands of pounds a year by us, to write or talk about something you’ll probably be using on a daily basis.

This is us

There are two sides to Keia:

  • MarketPlace – the most extensive of its kind, providing free clients to members
  • Business-in-a-box software for any wellness pro to start, grow or manage their private practise

Keia MarketPlace

The world’s most extensive wellness marketplace
…where clients and providers from 28+ treatment areas cross-browse daily

Yourbusiness in a box’

Everything you need to start, grow or manage a wellness business (laptop/desktop view)

Your online booking platform with a free listing on MarketPlace (tablet view)

All client details in one secure place, all GDPR compliant (smartphone view)

We’re looking for partners

We’re currently recruiting for brand ambassadors who fall into one or both (especially both!) of two categories:

  1. You have a significant readership / following and share one of the seven most common business needs that Keia fulfils
  2. You provide structured, quality wellness training, from which your graduating students are able to practise as professionals

Business needs

Could you or your audience benefit from what Keia has to offer every wellness pro?


a working solution could be up and running within days.

You’d be a sort of live case study, well remunerated for sharing your usage of Keia (this can be attributed to you, or anonymously, as you choose).

Training providers

Do you train up x number of eager students on a regular basis?

Introduce them to a tool that will transform their productivity, effectiveness, and business readiness. Help them kickstart or greatly improve their professional careers, and be well rewarded for doing so. Literally a win win win.

Exclusive and enduring partners

We believe in quality not quantity, and usually only partner with one ambassador per wellness area, per location. We believe in long term relationships where both partners always win, and each understands the needs and objectives of the other.

‘Location’ could be a postcode, a town or a country – it depends on the partner…

NB it may be that your wellness area / location combination are already taken, but regrettably this won’t be known until after receiving your application.

What do you get?

Firstly, residual income for life that could soon reach tens of thousands of pounds, and is uncapped.*

*Obviously terms and conditions apply. **

**Sorry, the lawyers always insist we put this in.

Secondly, printed leaflets and/or other professionally produced marketing collateral, all personalised with your ambassador code, so we know exactly which business users are forever linked to your ambassador account (and earning you residual income every month).

Thirdly, copy writing and design support from the blog editorial team to help you with content creation, whether in reporting your experience with Keia, or your own personal blog. As with all our partners, your success is our success.

Training providers

also have the option of receiving business training support for your current and new students, including

  • live lectures and webinars by senior business and marketing executives
  • professional resources including ROI calculators and marketing campaign templates
  • customer support for your students (to help them develop their own businesses)
  • technical support for your students

What do you give…

Whatever you want.

We believe in providing the right incentives and the right support, to the right people – and then letting them get on with it.

There is no pressure to ‘sell’, no targets to hit. You don’t work for us, you simply share your enthusiasm for Keia.

Every signup is worth lifetime income to you, so you choose to work as hard as you want to earn.

Your opinion and feedback will also carry great significance with the development team responsible for the design and coding of new features.

Keia was built from the ground up with input from professionals like you, and that will always be our approach.

Should we talk?

Please drop us a line at [email protected], saying in a paragraph or two, just why you think we’d make a great team, and one of our Brand Ambassador executive team will soon be in touch.

Wishing you well,

Team Keia

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