The Welcome Tour: preparing your profile to take bookings

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This is a guide to the Welcome Tour (WT) that greets you after registration.

Whilst the screengrabs below are from a laptop, every page on Keia is built using ‘responsive design’ technology, which means it adapts itself to the device you are using – laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Do I need to complete all 5 sections?

This depends on your business needs.

  • All 5 sections are needed only if you wish to list your profile on Keia MarketPlace.
  • If you have no need for new clients and are using Keia for its business software or low cost merchant rates alone, then you could make do with just sections 2 (Services) and 3 (Staff, not needed if you’re working alone).
  • If you’d like your clients to be able to self-book, sections 2, 3 and 5 (Availability) are required.

Other than for MarketPlace listings, sections 1 (About us) and 4 (Images) are optional. However the more images and compelling text you add:

  • the more welcoming your profile will be to your clients (current and potential), and
  • the more likely they will be to book.

Starting the WT

When you first register, the Welcome Tour starts automatically. To return to the WT after you have already been through it, log in then click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner (screengrab below):

Restart the Welcome Tour at any time via the top right drop-down menu

1 of 5: About us

Introduction to you and your team/servicesThis is often the first thing new visitors to your profile read, and is your golden chance to explain just why they should book your services. Please see the Keia blog or talk to your Account Manager for examples of writing an effective ‘About Us’.

2 of 5: Your team

Profiles for each colleagueBesides providing each colleague with their own log-in account for added security, these details enable the personalisation for listings on the website, emails and texts to clients etc etc.

3 of 5: Services & Pricepoints

For each service, the price, duration and (ideally) a short description of its benefitsWhilst not mandatory, a good description can be vital in persuading a browsing potential client to give that service a go.

Please contact your Account Manager for free sample service descriptions written by professional copy writers.

4 of 5: Images

At least 1 business profile image, and 1 per employeeA good picture can be worth a thousand words in conveying the personality of your brand.

5 of 5: Availability

Your regular opening hoursThis determines when clients are able to book with you.

Requesting visibility on MarketPlace

When all 5 parts of the WT are done, you are taken to this screen (or go to Profile Manager and select ‘EDIT PROFILE’).

Select ‘Request Online Visibility’, and if your profile reaches MarketPlace standards, it will be listed for free.

You do not pay anything extra for new clients that book with you through MarketPlace – they are included in your subscription.

Thank you joining Keia, and we look forward to supporting your growth.

If you haven’t yet started registration for your free trial, please click here.

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