What Keia’s wellness categories mean

There are many paths to a better quality of life

So many, that we needed some way of grouping them in our blog and social media albums.

The below is simply the opinion of our editorial team as to where ‘many’ people would instinctively look if given the choice of Mind vs Body vs Soul vs Hair & Beauty. There’s a strong case to be made that many, if not all, could also be considered in another group…

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Affirmations | Breathwork | Buddhism | Coaching & Mentoring | Counselling | Hypnotherapy | Meditation | Mindfulness | Psychotherapy

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Acupuncture | Alexander Technique | Aromatherapy | Chiropractic | Diet & Nutrition | Fitness | Homeopathy | Kinesiology | Massage Therapy | Osteopathy | Physiotherapy | Pilates | Podiatry | Reflexology | Yoga

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Akashic Records | Ayurveda | Chakras | Chinese Medicine | Crystals | Feng Shui | Human Design | Light Language | Numerology | Qi Gong | Reiki & Energy Healing | Spiritual & Tarot

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Aesthetics | Beauty | Cosmetic Dentistry | Haircare | Makeup Artists | Male Grooming

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for a better quality of life

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