Why I #MMS

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These are just some of the things that never fail to make me smile:

  • Walks in the sun
  • Good food, good company
  • A great tune (or even a reasonably decent one)
  • People being happy
  • People being kind
  • Seeing someone succeed in something that matters to them
  • Waking in the night and seeing my partner sleeping peacefully next to me
  • A new gadget
  • A competitive game of squash (where if I lose I’m not thrashed, and if I win, it’s not too easily)
  • A quality meme
  • When the Avengers assemble

What makes you smile?

It’s deeply personal of course, yet whatever is on your list, it’s a fairly safe bet that these could be added to it:

  1. Thinking of things on that list
  2. Seeing pictures of things on that list
  3. Reading and writing about things on that list

#MMS is about capturing these golden moments – because they’re worthy of being recorded for posterity, and because they are a personalised, freely available counterbalance to all the negativity that permeates mainstream and social media.

When life gives me ten reasons to frown, I browse my MMS album, and it instantly shows me there are a hundred reasons to smile.

My partner TB and her friends already practise #MMS in their own way, in that they have a wonderful habit of collecting treasured memories in scrapbooks – printed photos with handwritten captions to share with our nearest and dearest, then one day our children, and on another day perhaps our children’s children.

Here’s one that the lovely Kirsty did for her.

I’m not quite as practical, and my handwriting is that of someone who works with computers a lot i.e. terrible (how my father, a trained calligrapher, would cry).

For me the advantages of an online collection are:

  • I can add to it from my phone
  • I can view it on my phone
  • Sharing is as easy as posting a link
  • It’s instantly saved and backed up. Drop your phone down a drain the second after posting a memory, the whole album is still there
  • It’s quick and easy – from taking a photo to posting, takes minutes
  • What I ‘write’ is legible

There is no right or wrong, just as there are no detailed rules on what can go in.

Similarly it could be an old memory, or it could be something that happened today.

If it makes you smile, it qualifies!

Trees in winter

Kat’s vegan blog on Keia


Getting started

See here for some suggestions on what to do.

Please tag #MMS #MakesMeSmile

and/or share with us at [email protected]

Have a routine

Don’t set a goal, set a routine. Mine is every morning with my first coffee of the day – if you start and end the day with a positive thought, it helps steer the hours in between also in that direction.

Write it up

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and as a retired club photographer, I’d be the first to agree.

That said, once a fortnight I’ll be homing in on a picture I’ve posted, to try and articulate just why it had that effect on me.

See you soon for the first instalment when I’ll delve into why music and sunshine rock my world.

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