MMS (what is it, and how to)

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What is it?

How many people actually LOL when they say they do?

LOL’ing is overrated in any case, we think. Whereas I bet your day is filled with things that you look at and think, “That made me Smile”.

MMS is about sharing those moments. It’s about pushing back against the widespread negativity in mainstream and social media. Here’s one example, please start your own.

Every positive picture, every shared warm experience, is one more step in that direction – and in doing so, providing further context for others to also #MMS.

How to MMS in two steps

  • Post a picture, audio file, video or even good old fashioned words describing something that made you smile
  • Tag it with #MakesMeSmile and/or #MMS

The tag lets potential readers know what to expect, so they can home in on your post when browsing, if they’re after something to perk them up.

The moment/person/thing will either make the reader smile too, or it will give them an insight into what makes you smile. Probably both (emotions are contagious).


Ready to go next level?

  1. Start an album or profile, dedicated exclusively to this. FB, Insta, Pinterest, whatever floats your boat.
  2. Post an #MMS every day.

A useful trick is to make it routine i.e. set an event not a time when you do this (e.g. waiting for the morning bus, not 7.00am).

Then, do it every day when that event happens, even when you don’t really feel like doing it. Especially when you don’t really feel like doing it.

Look back at the end of the year (or whenever you need a little pick-me-up), and smile.

Guaranteed results, mon ami

As a final point of detail, share with friends or keep to yourself – both are good…

Want to share?

To let your moment help make others smile, send it in to [email protected]

If accepted it will be published on our MMS feed here.

Please tell us:

  • What (i.e. why it makes you smile, maybe who is in it)
  • When (year is OK)
  • Where (city or even country is OK)
  • Who (not who is in it, but who you want this post crediting to.  You can leave this blank i.e. Anonymous)

PS there is the usual fine print re not every entry will be published, the editor’s decision is final, we regret we cannot enter into personal correspondence, and we reserve the right to add or amend all descriptions, locations and names. Etc. Etc.

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