To reflexology, to the future

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When I first began studying and training as a complementary therapist, I was immensely excited and college was my ‘happy place’.  My excitement soon turned to amazement and subsequent passion for my newly found profession.

As I studied human anatomy and physiology, and linked it to my training, I soon understood the powerful, positive impacts that that massage and reflexology can bestow.

REFLEXOLOGY, in particular, has ‘blown my mind’!

Gone were my preconceptions that it was a fancy foot massage.

I could simply list the many benefits of this ancient technique for you – but that is easily found on the World Wide Web.  Instead, I will share with you, some of my own results as a practitioner.

As well as an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, (which never fails) my clients have benefited in many other and often surprising ways.

I have a client who suffers terribly, with pain linked to her endometriosis.  There are times, when even the strongest pain killers have not touched the pain. Even before I had finished the treatment, her pain had eased and by the end of it, the pain had completely gone and the relief lasted for days. She also had an emotional release  – the combined effects allowed her to sleep soundly and pain free.

Similarly, many of my female clients, suffer from painful periods and mood imbalances during menstrual cycles.  Reflexology has relieved these symptoms significantly. Again, they also benefit from better quality of sleep and often return at ‘that’ time of the month, for further treatment.

Other clients have visible and often immediate relief from oedema.  One lady, in particular told me that her family commented that she had ‘got her ankles and calfs’ back’.  With regular treatment, her swelling reduced further and the effects lasted for much longer.  Her spouse also noticed that her mood had much improved in general…. bonus!!!!

One of my ladies complained of pain in her lower abdomen. She was unsure if it was linked to her reproductive organs, or her digestion. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a doctor and I don’t ever claim to diagnose.   What I recognised for this lady, were areas on the sole of her feet, which felt congested. The reflex points, corresponded to her pancreas and her digestive system.  She consulted her GP, who diagnosed inflammation in both and prescribed appropriate treatment.

A painful foot condition which I see increasingly, is plantar fasciitis. Reflexogy can significantly reduce pain in the feet, by stretching and loosening connective tissues.  I have had individuals limp into the room, but almost skip out happily following treatment.  Again, I do not profess to cure anything. I can however, help to reduce symptoms and severity of the condition.

I have witnessed many, many more results and I am certain there are many more discoveries waiting for me.  Here’s to the future and to reflexology.

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