5 tips to running a successful Pilates business!

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Running a successful Pilates business can be a tiresome task, as you’ll know!

But, in order for it to grow and become more successful, there are things you can do…

Some are small and some require more effort, but you will continue to reap the rewards in the future!

Check out our 5 tips to running a successful Pilates business below…

1. Look after yourself

As a Pilates instructor, this first point will be an obvious one to you, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Looking after yourself is incredibly important!

We are all guilty of not practising what we preach, but you need to try to take time to incorporate relaxation into your own life!

If you aren’t feeling your best, how can you provide your clients with the best quality sessions?

So, make time to do the things you enjoy doing and rest!

2. Provide excellent customer service

If you want clients to repeatedly book on to your classes, you will want to ensure they are constantly blown away by your customer service.

This could be simply:

  • Offering a warm greeting when a client enters a session, as well as also sending them off with sincere well wishes.
  • Practising good client communication across all channels – use respectful language on the phone, in emails, in letters or on any other channels you might use.
  • By always resolving problems, especially if they have been caused by an internal error.

Clients will remember little things like that and will especially remember if they have received poor customer service.

This can ultimately kill a good relationship with a client, so it’s important to ensure they are consistently receiving good customer service!

3. Create a solid foundation

By foundation, we mean a good website that will help illustrate you as professionally as possible.

With so many people searching online for wellness services now, a good website will help you to draw in those ideal clients!

Your website should allow clients to do more than simply book on to one of your classes.

It should include content that adds value to what you teach, such as a background to Pilates and the benefits to your clients of taking part in sessions, or it should answer commonly asked questions or resolve issues that may stop clients from booking on to a class.

A good website can help to build trust, as potential clients can use it to get to know you a bit better!

And the more they trust you, the more likely they are to attend one of your classes.

4. Communicate with your clients

Communication forms the basis of any good relationship – so you always need to keep your client informed!

This might be letting them know of an updated timetable, new offers or important information that they need to know.

Or it could simply be reminding them of the upcoming class they’ve booked!

This can be done verbally, with a telephone call or through email.

However you choose to communicate with your clients – always make sure they are happy, to show them that you care!

5. Stand out from your competitors

One of the biggest issues that so many Pilates instructors and businesses face is a lack of differentiation!

So many are afraid to stand out from the crowd, but if you’re only willing to do the same things as everyone else… how will you encourage business growth?

Standing out from your competitors, as scary as it may seem, is essential in order to maximise your business’ potential!

There are 6 key steps you can take to do this:

  1. Position yourself as a Pilates expert. Create content that displays your knowledge to clients (and potential clients), so that you can start educating them, answering any questions they have and even solving common issues that they come across! The more content that you produce (and the better it is), the more you will become regarded as an expert within your field, especially compared to your competitors.
  2. Build strong relationships with your clients. Clients who are nurtured are clients who will stick around and tell everyone they know about you! Use email marketing to continually provide clients with as much value as you can, so building and strengthening your relationship with them! When a relationship is strong, clients are far less likely to choose competitors over you.
  3. Make the whole experience as simple as possible for your clients. With the rise of online bookings, it makes things so much easier for clients – they can make a booking when and wherever they want to. This is especially important if your competitors use a manual booking system that involves clients calling up to book on to a class. Finding good practice management software will not only make the booking process easier for your clients, but it will also make the whole process easier for you!
  4. Partner up with local businesses. Agree an offering with local businesses, whereby they refer clients to you, and you refer clients to them! You’ll just need to come up with enticing offers for their clients but, when a partnership like this is successfully created, you can be sure of a constant stream of good clients! This will make your overall offering stronger, in comparison to your competitors.  
  5. Look after your clients and they will look after you. Treat your clients well by giving them exclusive offers, gifts, whatever else you think would benefit them, to thank them for being a loyal client. You should also reward them when they refer people they know to you! Clients who are treated well will always come back to you!
  6. Encourage testimonials. Nothing resonates more with clients than what other clients have to say. The more testimonials you can get and use within your website and marketing, the higher the chances are of new clients choosing you over your competitors!

Following these 5 tips will help you start to create a more successful Pilates business that will continue to grow, over the coming years!

And pay special attention to your competitors… the more you can stand out from them the better!

So, if you would really like to differentiate yourself from your competitors and grow a loyal client base…

Then why not check out our guide on “How to Give Your Pilates Business the Edge Over Your Competition”!

The guide delves deeper into the six steps above, to help you really start to improve the success of your Pilates business – overtaking your competition and increasing your number of clients!

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