What is kinesiology?

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Kinesiology is a method of maintaining health by ensuring that all muscles are functioning correctly.

It is believed that each muscle is neurologically connected with a specific part of the body such as the digestive system, circulation of the blood and specific organs and glands. It stands to reason that if a muscle is not functioning correctly this will cause a problem in its related part of the body.

It’s been established that if certain pressure points were massaged, lymph – a watery fluid that takes toxins from the tissues – would be able to flow more freely through the body. This helps to restore the strength in the muscle, to the benefit of the gland or organ related to this muscle.

The pressure points are located on the ‘meridians’. These are a network of invisible paths that distribute qi (pronounced chee) or energy to every part of the body. They are also known as the acupuncture system – giving you something of a clue as to where they came from!

There are 12 meridians, each named after their corresponding organs (heart, small intestine, pericardium, triple heater, stomach, spleen, lung, large intestine, bladder, kidney, liver and gall bladder) and 2 additional meridians, known as governing vessel and central vessel.

A kinesiologist will examine a patient and try to discover whether it is a lack of energy, physical disorder or inadequate nutrition that is causing the problem. This is done by testing the strength of the muscles as this will provide information on the flow of energy. By finding any imbalances and correcting them, kinesiology can be used as a preventative therapy.

Next time, more about the role of nutrition and chemical balance in the body…

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