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Please email [email protected], including for each post:


  • We regret we’re unable to accept submissions without a title
  • Maximum 150 characters
  • For the example below, the title is ‘Relationship Goals’


You can leave any blank, but context makes the memory special.

  1. City, Year (of the MMS moment, not when you are sending it in)
  3. Your first name, City

Show me a random MMS

What is MMS and why are we doing it?

Breaking news (as in someone sent it to us recently after they saw it on the internet):

LOL’ing is overrated, we think, and very rarely actually happens.

Whereas most days have at least a smattering (our legal commitment to how accurate our hypothesis is) of things that, without the requirement for logical processing or analysis, elicit a smile, or more, from the inner you.

Makes Me Smile (MMS) is about sharing those moments.

It’s about pushing back against the negativity so pervasive in mainstream and social media.

Here’s one example – we invite you to fly your own MMS flag, that others might be inspired too.

Every positive post, every warm experience shared, raises the collective vibration that much more, all the while providing further context and encouragement for others to also #MMS-Keia *

* #MMS was already taken, fair play to those candy coated musketeers.

How to MMS your way

  • Choose any social media or channel you’re allowed to post to
  • Post a picture, a song or tune, a video, or even good old fashioned words, that made/makes you smile
  • Tag it with #MakesMeSmile and/or #MadeMeSmile and/or #MMS-Keia

Thus creating an enduring corner of positivity in the world, signposted as content to make the heart sing.

Show me a random MMS

Ready to level up?

  1. Start an album or profile, dedicated exclusively to this. FB, Insta, Pinterest, whatever floats your boat.
  2. Post an #MMS-Keia every day for, say, a month. Or two.

A useful trick is to make it routine i.e. set an event, not a time when you do this (e.g. with your morning toast, not 7.00am).

Then, do it every day when that event happens, even when you don’t really feel like doing it (especially when you don’t really feel like it…).

Look back at the end of the year, or whenever you need a little pick-me-up, and smile.

Guaranteed results, mon ami.

Sharing with the collective

To let your happy moments help make others smile, you can

  • send us the link to your MMS album
  • send us the link to the content (for example a Youtube video)
  • send actual content

to [email protected].

We accept most text, image, audio and video file types e.g. MP3 or JPEG or Word document.

If accepted by the editorial team (their decision is final) it will be published and promoted on our blog and social media.

The blog is an integral part of Keia Marketplace which connects clients and professionals across 28+ wellness areas from acupuncture to yoga.

PLEASE NOTE there is the usual fine print re not every entry will be published, the editor’s decision is final, we reserve the right to add or amend all descriptions, locations and names, and all content is accepted in accordance with Keia’s Terms & Privacy Policy.


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