Kearney’s Vegan Kitchen: weekly roundup 6

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Soup and tiger bread

Soups such an easy way to finish off veggies 😁 and there’s no right or wrong way!

I’m normally mad for recipes but it’s actually kinda fun just throwing stuff together… well, when it tastes good at the end 😌

This ones predominantly carrot but some cauliflower, lentils and some silken tofu thrown in for good measure 😉

Oh an how could I let myself forget how bloody lovely tiger bread is! 😍😍😍😍

Sesame tofu with rainbow vegetable stir fry


Sesame tofu with rainbow vegetable stir fry and a wicked spicy cabbage salad.

Not only is tofu a great source of protein it’s also a great source of calcium, which as a no-dairy fairy is trickier to get hold of!

Other tasty treats…

Cauliflower rice tofu stir fry

Mum’s witches brew; porridge – how do you eat yours?

Cool cous

Tempeh; French toast

Dusty knuckle pizza; cabbage and beetroot soup

Teriyaki tofu with miso aubergine; avocados; 3 bean chilli; bao buns

Mushroom stew; chunky broccoli hummus with mushrooms, charred beetroot and pickled carrot; porridge (part deux); bell peppers

Bagels; breakfast porridge; mushrooms on bagels; breakfast pancakes

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