Kearney’s Vegan Kitchen: weekly roundup 3

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Teriyaki tofu with miso aubergine

I’ve always thought that Japanese food was really tricky to make.. and well, it’s just time consuming!

Found this little ditty on #sharlainjapanblog…  Teriyaki tofu with miso aubergine, carrot and spinach salad and miso soup (from an itsu pack 😂) 🇯🇵  Enjoy!


Doesn’t a sprinkling of salt just make avocado come alive!? 🥑 💃🏻

Avocado are high in mono-saturated fats which are much better for you than saturated or trans fats found in processed and animal products.

Just a half will do for a serving but mix it up and try something different on your other slice 😉 I’ve gone for hummus, toms and pumpkin seeds!

3 bean chilli

Absolutely love this three bean chilli recipe from @nutrition_facts_org website!

Adapted slightly as I couldn’t be bothered making up the spice mixes but amazing deep flavour!

Also great to have for lunch on the go, cold! 😉

Bao buns

Bao buns ahoy! 🏴‍☠️ These were super fun to make!

Teriyaki mushroom and salt and pepper tofu filling. Pickled some carrots and cucumber and finished with hoisin and coriander 🤤

Awesome group effort from @an.ge1490 and @mercados xx

Recipe: @lazycatkitchen

Other tasty treats…

Cauliflower rice tofu stir fry

Mum’s witches brew; porridge – how do you eat yours?

Cool cous

Soup and tiger bread; sesame tofu with rainbow vegetable stir fry

Tempeh; French toast

Dusty knuckle pizza; cabbage and beetroot soup

Mushroom stew; chunky broccoli hummus with mushrooms, charred beetroot and pickled carrot; porridge (part deux); bell peppers

Bagels; breakfast porridge; mushrooms on bagels; breakfast pancakes

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