Kearney’s Vegan Kitchen: weekly roundup 13

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I bang on about how amazing Japanese cusine is, and I may have even mentioned this dish before.

It’s a cold noodle dish with a strong spicy miso soup, you just dip the noodles in and at the end, fill the extra soup up with hot water and drink!

Takes under half an hour to make and so, so good! Find the recipe @misspickledplum


It’s moving day tomorrow so I’m using up odds and ends in my cupboard. Fresh salad with chilled herb noodles, served with crispy hoisin tofu and crushed peanuts.

Other tasty treats…

Ramen ramen; cumin spiced carrot and lentil burgers; pleased to mezze you

Red lentil soup

Roasted veggies with lemon and wild garlic

Cauliflower rice tofu stir fry

Mum’s Witches Brew; porridge – how do you eat yours?

Cool cous

Soup and tiger bread; sesame tofu with rainbow vegetable stir fry

Tempeh; French toast

Dusty knuckle pizza; cabbage and beetroot soup

Teriyaki tofu with miso aubergine; avocados; 3 bean chilli; bao buns

Mushroom stew; chunky broccoli hummus with mushrooms, charred beetroot and pickled carrot; porridge (part deux); bell peppers

Bagels; breakfast porridge; mushrooms on bagels; breakfast pancakes

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