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Self help

James Clear is one of our favourite self help gurus, not least for his extraordinary knack for communicating truly effective life hacks in the most clear and concise terms.

Powerful stuff, and across an incredibly wide range of materials*

*Whilst much is free, some of the materials do have an associated cost – despite our profound respect for his teachings, we have no affiliation with James, and receive no share whatsoever of any such sale.

Mental Health

Resilience and Self Care

  1. How to ride the waves of change
  2. 134 Activities to Add to Your Self-Care Plan
  3. 5 secrets to calming yourself
  4. 8 ways you can master self-care without spending a dime
  5. 30 Self-Care Tips: How to Avoid Sickness, Burnout, and Exhaustion
  6. Resilience and Overwhelm: How Full Is Your ‘Container’?
  7. What Is Self-Care And Why Is Self-Care Important?

Good posture

  • If you spend much of the day in front of a screen, it’s important to sit correctly

Alternative therapies

Career fulfillment

Bullying in the workplace

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