Professional Spotlight: Karen Perkins, Business and Life Coach

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At Keia Wellness, we like to learn about the benefits and practice of all kinds of wellness therapy.  We believe that no-one knows the ins and outs of a particular practice better than the brilliant professionals who help people to look and feel better about themselves every day.

So, in our Professional Spotlight series, we talk to practicing professionals to get the real deal on them, their work and how we could benefit from what they do.

Meet the Professional

Karen Perkins is a Business and Life Coach based in Sheffield, Yorkshire. She offers life, career and business coaching both in person on a 1:1 basis and remotely via Keia’s video calling.

Q. Tell us about a typical day or week in your practice?

A. My week is predominantly spend running coaching sessions, but I do make time in between sessions to work on myself and my business too. I need that free time to regroup, write feedback for clients and research new approaches.  I also do lots of networking and keep on top of my business planning (which is now a lot easier thanks to Keia scheduling and payments!).

Q. What kinds of people do you help and how?

A. I help people who are stuck in a rut, bogged down and want to make a change, but are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.  Everyone can benefit from coaching and I help all sorts of people.  For example, I offer dating coaching and work with a large singles agency to provide support to their clients when needed. I also provide redundancy coaching, career coaching, life coaching and young person’s development coaching, so I really do see a wide variety.

People love my creative questioning & motivational style, but I am also trained to teach mindfulness techniques which can support people’s goals.

Typically, I help people to look at their whole work-life balance and then we focus in on specific issues and blocks. Often, we discover that something completely unrelated to the client’s initial goal is dragging them down.  Most people have 2-4 sessions, starting with some special prep work.  We then look at their goals, how they can achieve them and how to stay motivated.

Q. What are the highlights of your job?

A.  It sounds corny but it’s true, I love seeing that light bulb moment when someone sees their path forward or a new possibility, all by themselves!

Some of my successes include:

  • Coaching a CEO through a crowdfunding campaign (we raised £87K)
  • Coaching someone through 3 consecutive job changes and a house move
  • Helping someone to find the confidence to manage their boss, so they could better enjoy their job and eliminate stress

Q. What do you think makes a good coach?

A.  Keeping up to date with best practice and undertaking regular training.  All coaches must also be coached themselves by other qualified professionals and have regular supervision.  Any reputable coach should also be a member of a recognised professional body, such as the Association for Coaching.

To be a good coach, you also need to take care of your own wellbeing, including taking regular holidays and breaks.

Q. Tell us a bit about you.  How did you get into this line of work?

A. I experienced quite a bit of negativity from school teachers and got rubbish careers advice at school, so I feel quite passionate about not wanting people to miss out or feel that they aren’t good enough to succeed

I’ve always loved helping people to be their best and in my previous role as a Senior Manager in Housing, I helped trainees, my staff and colleagues to get promotions or take on projects they never thought they would.

I did a coaching course to support my job role, but was then made redundant. It was my experience of redundancy and also divorce, combined with my love of creativity and innovation, that provided the perfect inspiration to take my coaching practice full time and set up my business.

Q. What lessons have you learnt from life?

A. To say yes, because you can always say no later. I missed a couple of opportunities when I was younger by not being brave.

Q. What do you do to take care of your own wellbeing?

A.  Yoga, art, weird films & walking, with a bit of mindfulness too.  I live in the Peak District so am inspired by the nature around me.  My perfect day off would include a sunny day, a small boat trip around the coast and a spot of swimming or snorkelling.  Or perhaps I’d hire a sailing boat on Carsington Water and take a blast across the open waves!

Q. Finally, do you have a motto or bit of positive self-talk that you live by?

A. #BeBrave #DreamBig #KeepCurious #Bekindertoyourself

Karen has an ILM Level 5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Aspire at Loughborough University.  She is an associate member of the Association for Coaching (AMAC).  To find out more about her or book a session click here.

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