Skincare beyond the bathroom

We’re now more clued up than ever before when it comes to skincare. And it’s so much more than your jar of moisturiser in the bathroom.  The beauty industry is developing high-performance products and treatments to keep up with increasing demand and the rising awareness of skin health.

It’s now the norm to have non-surgical procedures as part of any skincare regime. There’ll be many women reading this who’ve had enhancers like fillers for lips or cheeks to make the best of what they already have.

There’s also an increased demand for anti-ageing products among women in their 30s along with millennials interested in preventing or delaying the ageing process.*

Facial rejuvenation treatments are by far the most popular clinical aesthetic
treatments. Treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical
peels right through to deep resurfacing lasers, dermal fillers and Botox.

The constant demand for new and effective products is leading to exciting
new innovations in natural and organic ingredients, anti-ageing hair care products,
unique skin care formulations, topical healing products and scar remedies.

80% of global searches for non-surgical procedures are now made in the UK and in the last five years (2011 to 2016), online interest for Botox rose by 31% and fillers by 71%.

Of the total number of searches for Botox and lip fillers made in the UK, the majority were carried out by Liverpudlians, followed closely by those in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.**

Plastic surgeons believe “regional cultural factors” are behind the trend, as those who live in southern England would rather go under the knife than have non-invasive treatments to enhance their appearance.

But we can have too much of a good thing it would seem. With injectable cosmetics in the UK becoming mainstream, experts are warning that the increased demand means many could be seeking treatments from practitioners who are not properly qualified.

That’s why Keia makes sure that everyone listed in Aesthetics is vetted, checked and verified to ensure they have the most up to date qualifications and insurance.



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