Cannula vs Needle

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Up until recently the only and preferred method for delivery of hyaluronic acid to the face and hands has been via a sharp tipped hypodermic needle.

However, with recent advancements in the production of blunt tipped cannulas and more specifically micro-cannulas, clinical practitioners and patients are embracing the benefits of blunt micro-cannulas.

The decision to use a cannula over a needle for an aesthetic treatment is still very much down to personal choice, but the advantages presented by cannulas makes them an option that more and more practitioners are choosing, and here at Medipro Aesthetic the cannula is our delivery method of choice. They offer greater flexibility and control with minimal side effects to the surrounding soft tissues.

Hypodermic needles are rigid and sharp at the tip, whereas cannulas are the more flexible, safer option, meaning they can move more freely and easily when delivering your filler without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Needles require multiple entry points to deposit the filler in a bolus or linear fashion across a given area.

Cannulas can be used through fewer entry points to deposit filler with precision giving predictable results, making treatment quicker and less painful. Without repeated needle entry this causes significantly less swelling and bruising.

For treatments in more sensitive areas, such as the tear trough, using blunt tipped micro-cannulas is the ONLY sensible option.

There is one exception to this: namely when filling lips, the impossible task of sculpting and defining beautiful lips with a cannula!

This is where the hypodermic needle reigns supreme. With the precision and expertise you’ll come to expect from Medipro, we can create very beautiful, natural looking, full volume lips, where bruising and swelling is common but temporary.

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